Make More Money & Grow Your Customer Lifetime Value

The Best Value Customer Data Program for Busy Ecommerce Teams

Who is this for?

Busy Ecommerce Teams

πŸ“ˆ It's OK to be busy, we manage your entire program

We manage the entire customer data program, so you do not have to. This includes any coordination with existing partners or design contractors.

πŸ’΅ You make great products! Let our experts make you more profit

Our experienced CRM and data professionals develop a program that customised to your business and makes you more money.

πŸ’ͺ Let us help you do all the things you wish you were doing

What exactly is included?

YOur Customer Data Program is made up of 5 Journeys
πŸ”’ Your Data Journey

a. We establish average LTV as a baseline

b. We analyse your existing customer data to identify high, medium and low value customers

c. We identify if there are additional data points you could capture that would be valuable


πŸ’² Your Average Order Value Journey

a. We measure and recommend product bundling using our best practise

b. We measure and recommend cross sell and up sell opportunities

c. We evaluate tactical promotional activity

d. We evaluate free shipping thresholds


😊 Your Customer Retention Journey

a. We identify customers at high risk of churn

b. We deploy tactics to reduce churning customers

c. We identify your best customers

d. We deploy tactics to ensure you keep them

e. We deploy available brand content to deepen existing customer relationships


🧭 Your Purchase Frequency Journey

a. We analyse current purchase flows

b. We deploy our deep playbook of tactics to increase purchase frequency

c. We review personalisation opportunities

d. We deploy personalised product recommendations


πŸ“ˆ Your Conversion Rate Journey

a. We analyse your current nurture series

b. We deploy a nurture series to help subscribers make their first purchase

c. We analyse current email flows

d. We deploy our playbook of high-converting flows

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