Gallantway Playbook


👋 Welcome to Gallantway

We’re happy you are here and excited by what we can do together.

We work with talented people from all around the globe and would like to welcome you to our team.

Working remotely can be a little strange… Imagine starting a new job and arriving at 8:30 am only to realise that there is nobody in the office! This is why we’ve developed the Gallantway Playbook, a collection of values, expectations, answers to questions and tips to help you get settled in.

You will see the word ‘service’ mentioned a few times in this playbook.

Service to us means fundamentally understanding our clients business and being the trusted person our clients can rely on for advice, insights, support, and knowledge. For a minute imagine that we are a hotel, at Gallantway this means we’re constantly striving to do the little things like helping you find the best restaurants and leaving a chocolate on your pillow. We want to make our clients feel and look great!

From weekly updates on the landscape of digital to 2 minute phone calls out of the blue, we believe that service is the key to results.

Gallantway is You

When Matt emails a customer, Matt is Gallantway. When Kim delivers analysis to a client, Kim is Gallantway. We are all accountable for the output of what we produce and how we communicate.

📈 Our Purpose

To help ecommerce companies and teams grow to their full potential - Big or small

⚖ Our Principles

 💪 Growth

We believe that growth is the essence of life. 

It reflects good health, nourishes ecosystems and provides renewal. In business, financial growth is essential in providing the resource needed to create better experiences for employees, provide returns to shareholders and invest in innovation that creates happier customers.

We are passionate about enriching the lives of individuals. From acquiring new skills and information, creating new experiences, building new relationships or pursuing challenging endeavours that lead to personal growth. The path to growth builds trust in the individual and the team through our shared experiences.

We understand that each day there are new opportunities to deepen our relationships, to do meaningful work, and improve the lives of ourselves and others. We see insight as an opportunity to execute and view the deep understanding of our client’s business a critical part in delivering growth.

“You cannot dream yourself into a character; you must hammer and forge yourself one.”
– Henry David Thoreau

🌳 Sustainability

We believe in balance. 

Yin and Yang. Ebb and flow. Work and rest. Stress and fun. This provides the foundation for sustaining healthy lives, strong individuals and enduring businesses. Growth without sustainability the greatest threat to our business.

We don’t believe in growing businesses at the expense of team members’ wellbeing, pursuing short term goals at the expense of realising the long term strategy, building new relationships at the expense of existing ones or growing profits at the expense of the environment and human rights.

The path to sustainability builds trust in the individual and the team through consistency. We understand that long term success is achieved by businesses with happy customers, teams with fulfilment in their personal lives, leadership that share a clarity of purpose and a considered approach to everything we do.

“We never know the worth of water till the well is dry.”
– Thomas Fuller

🤝 Our Code


We deeply understand our clients business.


Preserve client confidence and trust

Do the right thing for the client. We are accountable for our work. We know that consistently doing what you say you will do is the foundation of integrity and trust.


Serve the people

Always remember we serve the business by serving the team. Provide support in any way you can, go above and beyond, be responsive, take ownership of the outcome and share the burden.


Know the detail

Know our client’s customer, ask why, do the research, analyse the data. Stay ahead of the client’s campaigns, performance and projects.


See the woods through the trees

Don’t lose sight of where the client is trying to go or why they’ve hired us. Don’t lose sight of what we’re trying to achieve or the company and workplace we’re building. Continually challenge our decisions and actions.


Seek to simplify

Digital is a rapidly evolving world. With it comes increasing complexity. We seek to see through the complexity and to simplify our actions so that they benefit our clients.


Don’t keep people waiting

We live in a fast-paced world where time is money and speed makes a quantifiable differenton ours and our clients performance. Don’t procrastinate; get into it, beat deadlines, be on time to meetings and reply quickly to clients, partners and team members.


Measure twice, cut once

Don’t trade off quality for speed. Follow the process, be thorough,get a second opinion and test.

😊 Your First Week

Let’s get going!

Day 1:

So far, so good! Let’s look at your first day at Gallantway

Welcome Email

Once your Service Contract has been signed you’ll receive a welcome email with access to your email inbox.

A Meeting With Your Team Lead

Next up you will have a meeting with your team lead. These are typically held via Google Hangouts.

The purpose of these meetings is to bring you up to speed on what projects or clients you will be working on. You should cover everything from the key objectives, testing plans, platforms,performance, key stakeholders and plans for the future within these meetings.

An Intro to your Project or Clients

Once up to speed you will be introduced to your client/project lead via email. This is a good time to pickup the phone and give your client a call with a quick introduction and updateon what you are working on.

Quick Primer on HR

Now is a great time to quickly read through our HR Policy and ask any other questions you may have.

Tip: Don’t forget to update your email signature for your new email and LinkedIn profile

Days 2-5:

Well done, you are through day 1!

From days 2-5 you should start to become more familiar with your project, team lead, and key stakeholders.You will also have plenty of individual questions come up so please don’t hesitate to ask.

Within the first 5 days, we recommend you also organise a regular check in with your team lead as well as ensure that you have access to all of the tools you need to do your job.

If you are providing weekly reportsor weekly updates it’s a great idea to give your key stakeholder a call when you send it through and cover off any questions.

💡 Tips: Ideas for Better Remote Working

  • If you work from home mostly, have a space that’s just your own and just for work (if you can).
  • Take a break. Get outside, water the plants or go for a walk.
  • It helps to create a morning and evening ritual to help define your days.
  • As long as you’re not meeting with clients, wear boardshorts every day if you want. It’s fine.
  • Over-communicate as much as you can. Working in an information vacuum is no fun.


💪 Working Together & Communication

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships"

Working With Clients

We pride ourselves on providing the best service possible for our clients. To do this consistently we have some expectations on our teams about how they work.

Daily Account & Performance Checks

Even if there are no significant optmisations to be made we expect our teams to perform a quick 5-minute check of our client’s accounts every business day. This is an opportunity to check that your accounts are still driving conversions, spend or traffic.

Our experience in doing this has shown that we’ve been able to identify and resolve problems faster as well as provide our clients with valuable alerts about their business. For Example: accounts going offline, credit cards expiring, websites going down, tracking breaking, etc.

💡 Tip: A handy tip is to put together a monthly budget tracker and also note any significant optmisations in a journal so that at the end of the month you can look back and review the impact. Your team lead can supply you with an example budget tracker.

Weekly Reports

We provide a short weekly wrap-up every Friday on performance vs target for our clients. Your team lead will be able to supply you a prior example of an update. These typically cover performance,key optimisations or changes, as well as any notable updates in our field.

Before sending your first weekly report please ensure that your manager has reviewed it.

💡 Tip: These are a great time to call out any key wins we have had during the week or provide an extra bit of value

Monthly Reports

Along with our weekly updates we provide a monthly report for most of our clients. These cover a more in-depth look at performance and give us an opportunity to look back at what worked and provide an update on what we are doing in the month ahead.

Before sending your first monthly report please ensure your manager has reviewed it.

💡 Tip: Monthly reports are a great time to also review our performance. One key trick we have when preparing insights is to ask yourself ‘why’ this particular thing has occurred. For instance,conversions are down 15% MoM from SEM… Ask yourself why this is happening and how we can use it to improve results

Budget Confirmations

We require all clients to have confirmed their budget for the month ahead prior to the end of the month. Your team lead will be able to provide you an example confirmation email should you need one.

The Little 1%ers

The last thing we love to do is what we call a “little 1%er”. These are the small things that we do to demonstrate that we are a true partner to our clients. The most common is a 2-minute phone call out-of-the-blue just to see how your key contact is doing and to ask if there is anything you can help with or as simple as organising a gift for a special milestone.

💡 Tip: We try and do one of these every few weeks for each of our clients.

Our Toolbox

The tools we use to communicate & work together

Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have a faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them.

Our toolbox subject to change as we become better at working remotely and delivering impactful results to our clients. With that in mind, here are our most commonly used tools.

Gallantway Tools:

Email – Gmail

Storage – Google Team Drive with Google File Stream for Windows or Mac

Calendar – Google Calendar

Project Management – Trello

Video Chat – Google Hangouts

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Powerpoint

A Few More of Our Favourite Tools:

Productivity – RescueTime

Wellbeing – F.lux

Spelling & Grammar – Grammarly

Password Management – LastPass

🌳 Environmental Policy

At Gallantway, we are committed to:

  • Developing a culture of continuous environmental improvement
  • Actively pursuing renewable energy sources and solutions to reduce our impact on our natural resources
  • Understanding and managing our environmental risks with the goal of minimising or eliminating those risks

Our Environment Policy reinforces our commitment to environmental sustainability. It also demonstrates our understanding that our actions are important to our customers and our people,as well as our business outcomes.

👩👩👧👦 HR Policies

Consistent workplace practice

Discrimination Policy

Gallantway is committed to providing a workplace free of all forms of discrimination. It is an employee’s right to be treated with dignity and respect and it is also the employee’s responsibility to treat others the same way.

Gallantway is committed to meeting its legislative obligations relating to discrimination and will take all reasonable, practicable steps to provide and maintain a working environment free from behaviours and actions that may be discriminatory.

An internal grievance resolution process assists employees to raise issues of concern, and all complaints will be treated confidentially, seriously and sympathetically. No employee shall be penalised or disadvantaged as a result of raising any genuine concern or complaint.

This policy applies to all activities, and all those involved in those activities, including employees,contractors, customers and visitors, that take place on work premises and else where where activities are undertaken in the course of employment, or at work-related activities, such as social functions.

Relevant and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against anyone found to have breached this policy.


Discrimination occurs when a person is treated less favourably than another person as a result of that person’s individual characteristics or because that person belongs to a particular group.

Discrimination on the basis of any the following characteristics is unlawful:

·       race (including colour, nationality,religion, ethnic or ethno-religious origin);

·       sex (including marital status,pregnancy or potential pregnancy, or breastfeeding);

·       sexuality (including sexual preference, transgender status or homosexuality);

·       disability (including physical,psychiatric or intellectual disabilities);

·       age;

·       illness or injury;

·       parental status or responsibilities as a carer; and

·       membership or non-membership of a union.

No employee is to engage in discriminatory conduct in relation to their treatment of other employees,contractors, customers and visitors (including members of the public).

Discrimination can be either director indirect.

What to do if you have a complaint

Gallantway aims to resolve all complaints about discrimination which may arise at the workplace. Gallantway can only do this if employees tell us about their complaints.

Gallantway aims to treat all such complaints seriously, quickly and as confidentially as is reasonably possible.

If you think you are being unlawfully discriminated against, you should not ignore the conduct, hoping it will go away. If you can, you should speak to the person responsible for the conduct and ask that person to stop. If you do not feel that you can do this, or it doesn’t work, you should talk to your manager, Human Resources or Matt Malcolm.

Your manager, Human Resources or Matt Malcolm may be contacted at any time to discuss any complaint or enquiry. You may approach them for general advice or to discuss any issue.

Human Resources may also investigate complaints. Depending on your wishes and also on the nature of the complaint,it might be appropriate for Gallantway to make a formal determination about what has happened, and to make a decision about what the consequences should be.

Conduct that breaches this policy

Conduct that breaches this policy is unacceptable and, depending on the severity and circumstances, may lead to disciplinary action, regardless of the seniority of the particular employee(s)involved.

Gallantway shall take appropriate disciplinary action against any employee who is responsible for, or engages in,any form of unlawful discrimination.

Disciplinary action may include one or more of the following:

·       demotion;

·       a requirement to provide a written or verbal apology;

·       a formal warning;

·       a requirement to attend training or counselling;and

·       dismissal

If you have any questions in relation to this policy please contact Matt Malcolm, Managing Director.

💻 Your Devices

Bring Your Own Device Policy

At Gallantway we acknowledge the importance of mobile technologies in improving business communication,productivity and with providing our employees with alternate ways to work.

Purpose of the Policy

This policy provides guidelines for the use of personally owned PC’s, notebooks, smartphones, tablets and digital devices for business purposes. All staff who use or access Gallantway’s technology equipment and/or services are bound by the conditions of this Policy.

Current Devices Approved for Business Use

The following personally owned mobile devices are approved to be used for business purposes:

·       PC’s, Notebooks, Laptops and Tablets

·       iOS and Android Smartphones

Handling of Information

Employees when using personal devices for business understand that Gallantway information is sensitive in nature and must be protected.
Each employee who utilises personal mobile devices agrees:

·       To notify Gallantway immediately inthe event of breach, loss or theft of the device

·       To make every reasonable effort to ensure that Gallantway’s information is not compromised through the use of mobile equipment in a public place. Screens displaying sensitive or critical information should not be seen by unauthorised persons and all devices should be password protected.

·       To maintain the device with in accordance to the most recent security updates and firmware.

·       Not to share the device with other individuals to protect the business data access through the device

Keeping Devices Secure

The following must be observed when handling mobile computing devices (such as notebooks and iPads):

·       Mobile computer devices must never be left unattended in a public place, or in an unlocked house, or in a motor vehicle, even if it is locked. Wherever possible they should be kept on the person or securely locked away.

·       Mobile devices should be carried as hand luggage when travelling by aircraft.

Breach of this policy

Any breach of this policy will be referred to Gallantway’s Managing Director who will review the breach and determine adequate consequences, which can include termination of employment.