What is Happening?

Amazon has announced the launch of Luxury Stores, a new shopping experience for both established and emerging luxury fashion and beauty brands.

Currently only available to U.S Prime members by invitation only, Luxury Stores allows customers to explore styles in 360-degree detail and aims to make shopping for luxury easier and more engaging.

Shoppers can browse exclusive styles from Oscar de la Renta including select ready-to-wear and a new perfume. Customers can also receive early access to the Fall/Winter 2020 collection.

What Does it Mean?

While Luxury Stores seems like a play from Amazon to attract more luxury brands, it will allow participating brands to gain more control over inventory, selection, and pricing, while leveraging Amazon’s enormous reach to find customers.

🤔 Can shopping on your phone really be a luxury experience? We're not yet convinced. Participating brands will still need to balance the trade-off from ranging their products on the worlds biggest online retailer. After all, ranging a $4,000 jacket next to a $70 pair of shoes isn't going to work.

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