What is Happening?

It has been confirmed via a few sources that the rule for Facebook Ad images being no more than 20% text is being removed.

The purpose of the rule originally was to reduce the noisiness in the Facebook News Feed as advertisers battled to create ever-more engaging ads. Prior to the multiple types of ad formats and options that exist today, the Facebook News Feed was largely text and images.

However, over time, the platform has evolved. Text in an image is no longer the distraction it might have been as Facebook continues to roll out new ad types and optimise further towards video content.

What Does it Mean?

This may seem like a positive change for advertisers, and it probably is. But for the future this is likely to have a very little impact as the platform focusses on serving video content to its users.

🤔 For some time Facebook has been optimising for more engaging ads by pushing for video and animated content. And with this in mind possible to see a future where static image ads only make up a small percentage of advertisers effective Facebook assets.

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