What is Happening?

Facebook has announced that it will begin counting people who’ve not connected their Facebook and Instagram accounts in its Accounts Center as separate entities for ad purposes.

This means that if your accounts are not connected, Facebook will now assume that your Facebook and Instagram profiles are two different people.

Because of the varying functionality, most Instagram/Facebook users have synched their accounts, especially those that run Facebook Pages (for ad purposes). But still, there will be many who haven’t, and now, Facebook will count them separately in its ad performance stats.

That change was implemented due to various legal challenges over the inclusion of fake and duplicate accounts in its approximations, which advertisers claim Facebook has done knowingly for years, misleading ad partners as to the true projected reach of their campaigns.

What Does it Mean?

Will this artificially expand Facebook reach estimates for some audiences? Probably.

Could this also open Facebook up for future legal challenges? It will be difficult for Facebook to argue that it’s not aware that it may be inflating reach estimates based on this explanation, which outlines how it’s previously used more accurate measures to ensure that its counts are a better reflection of actual reach.

🤔 For its part, Facebook says that this change is about respecting user choices around how their information is used for ads, with people having the option to decide how their personal data is reflected in these elements.

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