What is Happening?

Google has announced Shoploop, the latest project from Area 120, its in-house incubator (📹 see product video).

With short, entertaining and shoppable videos, Shoploop is a mobile video shopping app that combines social, video and ecommerce in one location.

Currently, Shoploop is only accessible on mobile devices. Users will need to visit in their mobile browser to see how the platform works.

What Does it Mean?

With the success of Live Commerce in other markets like China, Google joins a growing list of companies experimenting with shoppable content.

While the platform currently focusses on beauty content, an already successful category in live commerce, it is highly likely that new categories are added in the coming months.

💡 Advertisers should pay attention: As video engagement grows, the brands that deliver the most engaging and entertaining ways to engage with content will likely find themselves in a better place to convert more customers.

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