What is Happening?

Early in January 2020 Target launched its own line of workout clothes and exercise equipment called All in Motion.

Today the brand has now done more than $1 billion in sales. And All in Motion is now one of 10 Target private-label brands that has generated $1 billion or more in sales in 2020.

There is no doubt that Target has gained market share during the pandemic. All in Motion has also stands to enjoy the growing trend of comfort fashion.

What Does it Mean?

💵 Private label is where the dough is...

Over the past 5 years, Target has launched more than 30 private-label brands in clothing, home and other categories. All in a bid to try to differentiate itself from competitors and boost profitability.

Four of these brands hit $2 billion or more in sales last year:

  • 👶 Cat & Jack - Kids apparel
  • 🥗 Good & Gather - Food and beverage
  • 🦷 Up & Up - Personal care brand and home essentials
  • 🪑 Threshold - Home décor

📈 The growth of these labels has validated Target’s strategy and helped it to gain $6 billion in market share in the first three fiscal quarters of the year.

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