What is Happening?

Podcast campaigns deliver an average return on ad spend of $2.42, according to a study that covered over 530 campaigns from more than 230 brands.

Podsights, a New York-based audio attribution company, researched 2 billion ad impressions across a total of $28 million dollars in advertising spend to generate the findings. The study also found that retail, personal finance and credit card brands saw the highest attributed conversion rates.

What Does it Mean?

The variety of available podcasts is almost endless, meaning that brands are able to find niches of highly engaged prospective customers. Historically, however, audio has been a challenging medium to attribute an ROI to.

📻 There is no doubt that audio and podcasting has a place in some brands marketing mix. Diversifying channels also has benefits for brands; Households that were exposed to ads across multiple different podcasts converted 2.4 times more often than those who heard ads on one or two podcasts.

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