What is Happening?

With consumers increasingly buying online, big brands are now starting to experiment with live-streaming (also known as Live Commerce).

Beauty and skincare brands, including those under L’Oreal Group and Estee Lauder companies, have begun hosting product tutorials to educate consumers on their products. These tutorials mean viewers are able to learn about a product as well as ask personalised questions about it or how to use it - which is not possible when it comes to standard videos on Instagram or YouTube.

Speaking to Glossy, Livescale founder Virgile Ollivier, suggests that the conversion rate for its clients' shopping events average around 9.5%

What Does it Mean?

Home shopping channels have seen a surge in viewership recently, with more Americans tuning in to QVC during the coronavirus pandemic.

While the mix of products being sold has changed, overall viewership for networks owned by Qurate Retail Group, which includes both Home Shopping Network and QVC increased 10% between March and May this year.

Alongside more brands investing in live commerce, we are also seeing new companies emerging who are reinventing the concept of home shopping and who are borrowing aspects of the concept which have proven successful in China.

Popshop Live is one of the platforms gaining traction. Popshop Live aims to reinvent the QVC model, allowing both individual sellers and stores to host shows on its platform, which currently comes in the form of an invite-only app.

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