What is Happening?

Pinterest has always been a place for women (60% of their global audience).

But 2020 saw the fastest growth coming from two emerging audiences: Gen Z and men. Both audiences were up 40% in 2020

These new users are broadening how and why people use Pinterest. They’re driving more engagement for topics like entertainment, gaming and financial planning. They’re inspiring new trends, like colourful eyebrows and digital décor.

What Does it Mean?

The company says male users use Pinterest to help them organise and transform themselves and their passions. Think boards like “Business Skills,” “Fun Things I Would Like At My Home” and “Amazing Recipes I Need To Try.”

Male Pinners are helping drive increased engagement for topics like video games, digital décor and web design. They’re also more likely to use Pinterest to pursue their passions for music. Compared to other Pinners, men are more likely to save Pins for topics like music album cover, musical instruments and guitarists.

📈 With the many changes in Google and Facebook, we are advocating for brands to consider diversify their customer acquisition channels.

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