Snap has made a new pair of augmented-reality (AR) glasses called Spectacles.

These new AR glasses project virtual images into the world directly in front of the wearer and the company is only offering them to a "select group of global creators" in the AR field.

These new Spectacles are a radical departure from what Snap has done in the past and the product is packed with technology:

  • 👓 The lenses are stereo colour displays that adjust for brightness
  • 🌊 The imagery is generated by dual optical waveguides
  • 📷 There are 2 built-in RGB cameras
  • 🎧 4 built-in mics for voice control. Plus 2 stereo speakers for audio
  • 👉 And a touchpad on the right temple for navigating app interfaces

The glasses are capable of inside-out tracking — which means they’ll “see” your hands as you gesture through the air.

What Does it Mean?

Snapchat users create an average of 5 billion snaps, or messages, every day. That is photo and video messages, not text-based.

Its youngish userbase, what Snap refers to as “the Snapchat generation,” are 150% more likely to prefer communicating with images instead of words. Which is why Snap has been pivoting to become a "camera company"

🚀 Creativity is Snap’s big pitch for augmented reality. This is part of the companies strategy to differentiate it from competitors like Google and Facebook. Want to learn more? Check out the video from HyperChange.

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