What is Happening?

Over the last 10 days, a significant number of reports of suspended Facebook Ad accounts has emerged from around the world.

Many marketers believe that the U.S presidential election is having a large impact on both the performance and the management of their Facebook advertising investment.

A report from the House Judiciary subcommittee on antitrust wrote, “In the absence of competition, Facebook’s quality has deteriorated over time, resulting in worse privacy protections for its users and a dramatic rise in misinformation on its platform.”

Along with making all political ad spending public through its Ad Library, Facebook has made some changes with rules around political ads. It now disallows ads that lead to voter suppression, that attempt to delegitimize the results of a contest or prematurely suggests that a candidate has won.

What Does it Mean?

Well, if you spent $140,000,000 USD in the last 90 days on Facebook Ads I am sure people would ask a few questions...

Our team has uncovered numerous accounts of Facebook Ad accounts being suspended for seemingly no reason. It is our view that due to the U.S Presidential Election and ongoing Antitrust Activity that Facebook is taking an overly aggressive stance for new and smaller advertisers, resulting in suspensions of Ad Accounts and reduced performance.

⭐ Will this be the last time we see Facebook Ads for political content? Perhaps. While Facebook has announced that the company will stop running political ads in the U.S. after polls close on November 3, and keep them halted for an indefinite period, there is no doubt that political advertising proves to be incredibly profitable for the company

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