Financial Services

Maximise Funds Under Management, Lifetime Value, Improve ROI and the Metrics that Matter

Financial Service is more competitive, high-performing and faster than ever. See how we’re helping our clients win in the digital economy and get ready for what’s next.

How We Help Our Clients

Our Recent Work Includes

We work with financial services organisations including neo banks, insurers, global financial institutions and lenders to generate sustainable long-term growth. We integrate our knowledge of business strategy and execution to help our clients build better digital businesses.

Implementing a digital customer measurement and customer acquisition program for a neo-bank

Creating a leading digital customer acquisition and retention strategy for a payments company

Helping a fintech scale the acquisition of it's best customers


Identify and implement the right technology and process to drive performance.

Create & Iterate

Lightweight, fast or completely integrated experiences that create a platform for growth.

Test & Learn

User testing and research to help you find and convert your most valuable customers.

Measure & Grow

‍Quantify the success of your campaigns. Build the foundations to measure what matters.


Expert growth marketing support. Unlimited email and tailored support to help you execute.


Add expert growth marketers to your team. Scale up and down as needed.


‍Implement technology and design changes to improve the performance of your website or app.

Financial Services


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Xinja’s mission is to build a bank that is designed in their customer’s interests and that helps them make better money decisions without the angst. All delivered through a brilliant mobile experience.

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We trust the team at Gallantway to help us execute our growth strategies. They’ve helped us accelerate our growth and improve the way we measure and optimise

Camilla Cooke, CMO at Xinja