The Tools That Every Ecommerce Marketer Needs

Australians spent $27.5 billion on online shopping in 2018, and although the numbers are not yet released, experts expect that this figure will have skyrocketed in 2019 and are forecasting growth in 2020. 

With the introduction of platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, and more, the path into e-commerce entrepreneurship has never been more smoothly paved. While the best specific app or platform will differ from business to business, depending on your platform, there are a handful of tools that every e-commerce marketer needs to know about to get a jump start on their competitors. 

SEO Tools

To be seen online, you need SEO. Without an SEO strategy and SEO tools to help you fill any gaps in that strategy, you're going to struggle to be seen. Tools like keyword finders, competitor comparisons, and apps that check your content for SEO are a must for every e-commerce site.  

Tools to consider: SEMrush, Ahrefs and Keywords Everywhere.

Content Marketing Tools

Content is essentially the juice that powers your SEO. Customers research and they need to see content on your site, comparison sites, and all across the web to convince them to buy from you. While you need a content strategy that spans website, social and affiliates, you can also call on some handy tools to help. 

Tools to consider: Feeds4, HubSpot, and Hootsuite

Email Tools

Emails lists are by far the most convertible leads an e-commerce business has in their possession. Capturing email addresses -- warm leads -- and nurturing them through email marketing is that cheapest marketing tactic with the best ROI. 

Tools to consider: Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, Klaviyo, and Active Campaign.

User Testing Tools

Finding out the formula to sell goods and services is all about testing. You need to test products, test content, test email campaigns, test merchandising and any other element which can impact the behaviour of your customers on-site. 

Tools to consider: User Testing

Reward Tools

Customer loyalty comes from two places. 1) love of your brand, and 2) feeling valued by your brand. Rewards let customers know that you appreciate their business, and it incentivises them to come back for more. is worth talking about in more detail as this tool is a 4-in-1 offering e-commerce marketers tools to run competitions, craft rewards schemes, import, curate and display social galleries, and capture emails to go onto your email list for further email marketing. 

Tools to consider:, and

While there are thousands of apps and tools available, covering a range of categories, if you can get your SEO, content, email, testing, shipping and rewards in order, you're going to set yourself up as a strong competitor in your market. 

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