A strategic cross-channel approach to profitable growth

Our Cross Functional Growth (CFG) teams combine multi-channel expertise together with a single profit-driven strategy.

Biologi LTV Growth

"We’ve seen a noticeable step-change in revenue from new channels and can already see the long-term benefits of their approach to growing customer lifetime value."
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Business growth at a P&L level. Not just ROAS


Daily optimisation of Google, Meta, & TikTok


Advanced segmentation, automations, & campaigns

Store Design

Launch and upgrade Shopify stores to generate the highest LTV

In the words of our founders

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"As an experienced founder, I've worked with numerous agencies before. I knew what I was looking for when I wanted to work with the team at Gallantway. Their strategic approach to customer acquisition has improved our AOV and RCR. Its resulted in better performance from the same investment as the prior year".

- Jamie Nadler
Founder at Etrnl

Your Cross Functional Growth Team

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Our Cross Functional Growth (CFG) teams combine customer acquisition, retention, web development, email marketing and creative experts together under a single profit-driven strategy - and all for a single fee


Single Fee. No Hidden Costs

One fee to run campaigns, design ads, launch emails and implement changes on your store


Fully Integrated to Your Brand

Our team acts as a genuine extension of your team and is guided by maximising performance


Acquisition to Retention

Launch new campaigns and channels, implement email and customer loyalty programs

What makes us unique

Clients come to us with several common worries:

- Am I going to get an agency who I have direct and lead?
- Am I going to be a small client who doesn't matter?
- Am I going to get a bunch of juniors working on my business?

Our Growth Strategy Framework

Our team works from a growth and profit strategy framework that ensures you are growing profitably.

Our Information Advantage

Our team works with brands across all categories and at every different stage of maturity. We aggregate and benchmark our clients against what we know is possible.

Our Management is Hands On

Management at our company is hands on with the performance of all clients and is available to work on your account when required.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Gallantway different from my team or another agency?

Knowing what to do and when to do it is what sets our customers apart from their competitors. Strategy at Gallantway is about loading the dice in your favour. Click the link here to learn more about our strategy process.

Will I see performance decrease during onboarding?

Account maintenance begins 48 hours after the contract is signed.  That means your account is being maintained during the onboarding process. During this time we may elect to make small adjustments should there be any quick wins.

What is the best way to work with Gallantway?

Trust our team and our process. We want to act as a true extension and partner. Our team isn't here to make small adjustments, we're here to help you tackle business goals using our expertise in partnership with you.

How many clients do your teams work on?

Our teams work on approximately 4-8 brands. Though this does change depending on the size of brand and capacity of our team. Our goal isn't to maximise each team member, but to maximise our ability to positively impact our clients businesses.

When can I expect to see an ROI on my investment?

Our goal is to deliver the best return as quickly as possible. We know the best indicator of a happy client is achieving the fastest path to results.

Results matter

See what our clients say

"The team really delivered
when it came to performance."

"We can already see the long-term benefits of their
creativity, strategic thinking and approach to growth."

"This kind of growth wouldn’t have
been possible without WGB."

"They will be the last agency we ever work
with. They are outstanding."

"I'm impressed by their drive to
get the best results possible."

"They have been committed to
delivering results."

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