Revenue, AOV & Returning Customer Rate growth with Gallantway

Founded by Jamie Nadler, Etrnl specialise in rings made of alternative materials, ranging from silicone, tungsten, titanium, wood, and stainless steel.

The team at Etrnl believe that your everyday ring should fit into your everyday life. It shouldn’t be stored in a glass case, or kept away from anything that might damage it: it should be worn proudly wherever you're going and whatever you’re doing. Work hard and play hard, minus the worry.

With over 100 unique and modern designs Etrnl's products are perfect for the gym junkie, tradie, doctor or bartender. For the adrenalin seeker, labourer, athlete and chef. Etrnl's rings are made for active people, by active people.

"As an experienced founder, I've worked with numerous agencies before. I knew what I was looking for when I wanted to work with the team at Gallantway. Their strategic approach to customer acquisition has improved our AOV and RCR. Its resulted in better performance from the same investment as the prior year.

I trust them as a partner and am excited to continue working on expanding the Etrnl brand to new markets".
-Jamie Nadler, Founder of Etrnl

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