Profitable growth has fuelled international expansion

Zjoosh is a unique Australian lifestyle brand lovingly created by women for women, Founded by Kellie Rigney in 2012. It specialises in "the finishing touches".

From its early beginnings as a fashion jewellery and accessories brand, Zjoosh has broadened its reach to provide customers with beautiful pieces to Zjoosh their homes as well as their wardrobes! Cashmere, silk, leather, linen and cotton across a range of scarves, ponchettes, sweaters, shirts, dresses and pants.

"Partnering with Gallantway has been an exciting journey for us that has allowed a successful partnership to grow for our business. The team have helped us achieve or highest revenue months ever whilst improving profitability. They have also grown our returning customer rate 32% and scaled our new conversions.
Their expertise in strategy development and implementation has been pivotal in helping to propel our business forward with profitable growth. With their guidance and support, we've successfully scaled our operations and now we're taking on international markets with confidence and enthusiasm."
- Wayne Rigney, Founder

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