46% Increase to revenue at 9.79 MER with Gallantway

Founded by Isabelle Quinn, the namesake label has always stayed true to the original vision of creating for the romantic, the unconventional and the carefree modern girl.

From essential basics to effortless silhouettes, Isabelle Quinn has always pulled inspiration from the independent women around her, wanting to create pieces that uplift and empower their individuality and femininity.

"Gallantway developed a strategy that has allowed us to scale our investment without impacting our profitability. Our Facebook, Google, and Email activity has scaled into the US successfully and is now allowing us to generate a significant amount of profitable sales. The team is a true partner to our business and have gone above and beyond to support us during challenging times. I'm really excited about the future and having the team at Gallantway to help build our brand globally gives us an advantage".

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