What is Happening?

For those who’ve somehow not heard of Jimmy Donaldson, this 22-year-old YouTube superstar is something truly special.

In addition to reading the entire dictionary and counting from 0 to 100,000, he has given away a private island, donated 100+ cars to people in need and fundraised over $22m to plant over 22m trees.

Jimmy has recently partnered with Virtual Dining Concepts, a dark kitchen that allows personalities and brands like Jimmy to launch virtual restaurants with zero upfront fees. Jimmy’s new business is a delivery-only dining establishment with a menu that’s only accessible through major delivery apps.

You can view the launch video here.

What Does it Mean?

Jimmy’s new business model could be the most exciting thing since McDonald’s went mainstream and could likely spark a wave of larger scale partnerships from other internet celebrities.

💡 Alongside dark kitchens we can see numerous white labelling opportunities for businesses to help brands and partners bring their products to life - Just imagine the cloud-based winery or distillery that can help craft your own signature drink line.

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