What is Happening?

Instagram has launched a new product showcase option called 'Drops'. Drops will highlight the latest product launches from brands you've engaged with.

Drops will collect notifications into one place, while also providing updates on new related product launches that you may be interested in (product discovery).

In order for your product to qualify for a Drops listing, you'll need to use the 'Product Launch' feature which is available via Commerce Manager.

What Does it Mean?

Expect Instagram to continue to roll out more ecommerce product features throughout 2021.

As well as helping brands notify existing customers of new product launches. Drops will help brands have their products discovered by new audiences - Something that Instagram as a platform has struggled with.

⚡ This product will allow Instagram to collect fees on purchases. Something that will be important to Facebook and Instagram's business as it looks to diversify away from Ad revenue as user privacy becomes important.

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