5 Best Landing Page Testing Tools

Landing page testing is a powerful opportunity for marketers. The pages themselves are effectively a key step between you and your customers. Built well, landing pages have the power to compel customers to hand over their information, to build an email list, move to a qualified call list or whatever else your business may be trying to achieve.

With the potential for such an impact on your marketing efforts, it is critical that landing pages are adequately tested and optimised to achieve the best possible results. 

This can be done in a myriad ways, from usability testing to user experience tests and readability testing. Thankfully there are plenty of tools on the market to help. 

Here are the top 5 landing page testing tools. 

Google Optimize

Google Optimize is the major tool with the Google suite that can help you to test variations of your landing page to see how visitors behaviour affects performance, giving you the insights needed to improve the page and increase conversions, sign-ups, and drive revenue and ROI.

The tool lets you compare how different web pages perform by using a sample of your visitors at random. You can also choose what goal you would like to set - subscribers, sales, etc. 


Like Google Optimise, Optimizely allows you to perform landing page optimisation by both optimising for different traffic sources and playing around with on-page elements -- like different value propositions, form field and social proof -- to ensure that your landing page offers what your customers want to see and will engage with. 

Not only is Optimizely an AB testing and experience optimisation platform but they also have a landing page builder to remove the need for a coder in the process of landing page optimisation. 

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is a heat mapping and visualisation solution that lets you see how your landing page visitors interact with the page. This style of testing looks at how actual users behave on your site, which can lead you to profound insights on what's working and what needs to be altered for better results. 

Crazy Egg also has an AB testing tool and easy page editor so that you can make changes without needing a coder on hand. 


VWO is a great landing page builder with powerful multivariate testing that allows you to perform behavioural targeting, usability testing and heatmaps so that you have a comprehensive view of just how your visitors interact with your page. 

While this tool is going to set you back a little more than the others, it's technically a combination of them all, and like the others, it doesn't require any coding to get your landing page optimised. 


Usabilla is a user experience tool that allows you to capture feedback from users, no matter the device. This tool simply asks users to help you improve your site by reporting bugs, asking about features or letting you know, more generally, about the experience they've just had. You can also conduct targeted surveys and exit surveys to try and identify why they may be leaving the page. 

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